Growth and Development

  • The foundation of the enterprise

  • A decision about arrangement of production of plastic containers that meets the requirements of Wella was made

  • Production was been put into operation

    The qualified personnel and part of the equipment of Bekum firm (the leading German producer of the equipment for production of a polymeric containers) have been transferred to a new production site from Capella LLC.

  • The enterprise has begun to work with the first Customers

    LLC Artpak has successfully performed the projects of production of bottles for Procter&Gamble, Wella and Schwarzkopf&Henkel companies and gained a good reputation in the market of manufacturers of plastic containers.

    The Procter&Gamble firm has chosen LLC Artpak as the supplier of bottles of Shamtu.ArtPack LLC has successfully performed the projects of bottles production fot he companies Procter&Gamble, Wella and Schwarzkopf&Henkel and has shown itself to good advantage in the market of polymer containers manufacturers.

    Procter&Gamble company chose ArtPack as being a supplier of Shamtu bottles.

  • The enterprise is manufactures the bottles for Reckitt Benckiser company

  • Three new 5-fold double-station blowing machines were installed

    Thus, production capacity of the enterprise at that moment made more than 120 million bottles a year.

  • ArtPack continues cooperation with Henkel

    And during the years of  2009-2012 implemented some projects of bottles production for this company, including the bottles with screen printing.

  • The project of new industrial and storage building construction was started

    Total area 5400 m2. New building allows to increase the production capacities up to  400-450 ,io bottles per year.

  • ArtPack started production of the bottles for Oriflame

  • The enterprise began cooperation with the companies L'Oreal and Avon, and acts as a supplier of different types of the bottles

  • A new 3-fold double-station blowing machine by Bekum – BM 206D was installed

    And production capacity increased by 15 mio bottles per year.

  • The second stage of construction of the new industrial and storage building was finished

    New warehousing areas with the total space of 1800 m2 were put in commission, which allowed to keep the stock of production for our customers.

  • The automat for production of the bottles from PET preforms was brought into operation

    Compact A4 by Serbian company Carbo Concept with the capacity of 16mio bottles per year

  • One-stage injection stretch blow molder Nissei ASB-12M is installed.

    It perfectly suits for molding of the bottles and jars for cosmetic industry with the volume up to 2.5L and neck diameter up to 83mm.

    Materials PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PS, PES, PPSU, recycled PET, etc.

    Shapes simple round, with wide neck,oval, etc.

  • Total area  5400 m². The new building will allow to increase production capacities up to 400-450 mio bottles per year.

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